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Dr. Marcella Burns BDS

Look Refreshed & Youthful For Longer

Lines Clinic is exclusively dedicated to anti-wrinkle injection treatments.

Our site locations are currently Kildare and Dublin. The clinics are discreet and most have onsite car parking.

Lines Clinic treats lightly to give you a natural and subtle result so you look fresher and brighter. Done right, it can look fantastic. Injecting sparingly, the results are beautifully effective and restrained. Treatments are reviewed at the 3 week stage where we can offer free of charge top-ups if required.

Lines Clinic owner, Dr Marcella Burns, is certified in facial aesthetics and anti-wrinkle injections for almost 15 years and uses her near 20 years as a dentist to deliver a pain free injection technique. Years of studying head and neck anatomy have enabled her to deliver the characteristic, subtle results, specific to each patient and their expression muscles, which she is known for. Dr Marcella Burns is the anti-wrinkle industries best kept secret!

Known for her gentle touch and aesthetic eye, Dr Marcella addresses patients concerns regarding aging due to over active expression muscles. Honest and appropriate advice sometimes means saying no. Treatment strengths are tailored to your individual needs. This means, if requested, you can retain some expression of the facial muscles, giving a more natural and subtle look. It is important that a patient’s personality shines through. A good job is invisible.

Dr. Marcella treats conservatively for a light, natural, refreshed look. Subtle, non-surgical safe, FDA approved anti-wrinkle injections leave the patient feeling fresh, youthful and more confident.


Accredited BTC Practitioner

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Obaji Skincare Prescriber

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Please note your consultation fee (€50) is fully redeemable against treatment undertaken within 1 month. You can book directly at any of our clinic locations by clicking below.

Clinic Locations

Areas of Treatment

frown lines

Frown Lines

Are you self-conscious about frown lines around your forehead or brows? The team at Lines Clinic offers anti-wrinkle injections to smooth out even the deepest of frown lines.

forehead lines

Forehead Lines

Forehead lines can be frustrating, resulting in makeup not sitting properly and a lack of self-esteem for many people. If you suffer from forehead lines, we can help.

crows feet

Crow’s Feet

Our expert team are delicate and efficient when it comes to treating crow’s feet, offering non-invasive injections to smooth out the fine lines around your eyes.

eyebrow lift

Eye Brow Lift

Did you know that a non-surgical eyebrow lift can enhance the appearance of the bone structure of your face, make your eyes look bigger and even make it easier to apply makeup?

smokers lines

Smoker’s Lines

Have years of smoking given you fine lines around your lips and mouth? Smoking can decrease the elasticity of the skin around your mouth, but Lines Clinic can help.

excessive sweating

Excessive Sweating

Did you know that excessive sweating can be treated with injections? If you’re suffering from excessive sweating, the team at Lines Clinic can help, offering non-invasive, effective injections to reduce sweating.

chin dimpling

Chin Dimpling

If you have chin dimpling that you want to get rid of, look no further than Lines Clinic. We offer subtle and easy anti-wrinkling injections to plump out chin dimpling and give your skin a smoother appearance.

nefertiti lift

Nefertiti Lift

Did you know that you can enhance the appearance of your jawline and neck without having to undergo painful surgery? We offer Nefertiti lift treatments, enhancing these areas with the use of small injections.


Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism is a sleep disorder where you grind, clench or gnash your teeth in your sleep. Lines Clinic offers a range of treatments for this to protect your teeth and facial muscles.

Obaji Skincare

Alongside our range of high-quality anti-wrinkle treatments, Lines Clinic uses Obaji skincare in a range of our treatments to complement results and guarantee longevity.
As a long-established Obaji skincare provider, we offer a selection of Obaji products suitable for all ages and skin types to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

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Lines Clinic FAQ

  • What services do the Lines Clinic provide?

    Lines Clinic provides anti-wrinkle treatments and injections to treat wrinkles, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, excessive sweating, and more.

  • How much do anti-wrinkle treatments cost?

    The price of anti-wrinkle treatments vary depending on what treatment you choose. Call now for a free quote on all anti-wrinkle treatments.

  • How long does an anti-wrinkle injection treatment last?

    Anti-wrinkle injection appointments usually last about 30 minutes in Lines Clinic.

  • How long do anti-wrinkle injection results last?

    The results of anti-wrinkle treatments usually last for around 3-4 months.