Obaji Skincare

Manufactured with over 30 years of industry experience, Obaji is a highly effective skincare brand created and inspired by years of medical expertise.

Using medical-grade ingredients that offer visible results, Obaji products are designed to focus of rejuvenating the skin while also offering a range of anti-ageing properties.
Lines Clinic offers a wide range of Obaji skincare products suitable for all skin types and concerns, tailoring your products to ensure that you receive a step-by-step product regime to target your unique specifications.
From plumping serums to rich moisturisers and everything in between, Lines Clinic is proud to be an Irish Obaji supplier and treatment provider.

*Please note, a consultation is required before purchasing Obaji Skincare products

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Inspired by Medical Research

Obaji is a medical-grade skincare company created using high-quality ingredients that provide visible results. From gentle cleansers to anti-ageing moisturisers and serums, Obaji is the first step to youthful, glowy skin.

Visible & Proven Results

Created using medical and clinical-grade ingredients famed for their anti-ageing properties, Obaji products offer visible and proven results backed by science for all skin types, helping you achieve the skin of your dreams.

Skincare for All Skin Types

Here at Lines Clinic we understand that no two clients have the same skin. Obaji offers a range of different product lines to suit all skin types, ensuring you never have to compromise when it comes to achieving your perfect skin.

Obaji Skincare FAQ

  • Where can I find an Obaji skincare supplier near me?

    Lines Clinic is an Irish Obaji skincare supplier based in Kilcullen and Naas Co. Kildare.

  • How long does it take Obaji skincare to work?

    Most clients will see a difference in their skin within 6 weeks of starting an Obaji skincare routine.

  • How long should I use Obaji skincare for?

    This all depends on the severity of your skin concerns and the desired results, which will be discussed in your Obaji skincare consultation with a member of the Lines Clinic team.